Friday, 15 December 2017


Invisible Landscape Vol 1

What we perceive is not who we are. We are the technology of the higher order, a genuine frequency form that makes us so perfect. Human being in its full power. Tendance Music is proud to present our first Various Artists compilation, gathered with a lot of dedication and love for the proper sound and experience.




pulsar planet


Alternate Side - Pulsar Planet

Mind, soul and body special, sculpted frequencies in a very well known way called Mexican psytrance.



A true ear candy for a galaxy travel, once again making Tendance Music, real and loyal to the roots.
We are welcoming Alexis Torres aka Alternate Side, who is giving us his emotion on a plate.

Ep containing three tracks including one remix of Bionix Q-Factor, making this piece a perfectly balanced future classic.

Remember this guy, you will get something special every time.


Alternate Side - Pulsar Planet | 3.99 $