Monday, 26 February 2018


Invisible Landscape Vol 1

What we perceive is not who we are. We are the technology of the higher order, a genuine frequency form that makes us so perfect. Human being in its full power. Tendance Music is proud to present our first Various Artists compilation, gathered with a lot of dedication and love for the proper sound and experience.




Bionic Delay

The most common sentence and description on many sites and releases for Bionic Delay a co-founder of Tendance Music label group.

Behind the name Bionic Delay stands Bosko Danilovic, student of electrical engineering, studying Audio & Video technologies in Belgrade. Hooked on all kinds of psychedelic music since he was a litlle boy he decided to start his own project, with no role models, expressing the whole pallete of different trips.

That sentence is still in full effect today while Bionic Delay is working hard on his new sounds, creating an album to put the label and the project on the map of eternety. No place for comercial sound, this project is pure psychedelic.


First experimental tracks by Bionic Delay were released on smaller labels but after meeting Nikita this project got a totally new shape as master and mixing skills of his friend put a new light on the whole project. Bionic Delay music is always a puzzle so sometimes you can call it progressive, sometimes experimental to psytrance but at the end the purpose of his sound is giving you a psychedelic experience to remember.