Wednesday, 17 October 2018


We are proud to present you a debut album from Flowwolf called Quokka. Eight psychedelic tracks including one with ZenFlow, plus 3 bonus tracks will be sent digitally to enhance your pleasure. Limited CD order will be availible from 10.10 get your copy now.


Invisible Landscape Vol 1

What we perceive is not who we are. We are the technology of the higher order, a genuine frequency form that makes us so perfect. Human being in its full power. Tendance Music is proud to present our first Various Artists compilation, gathered with a lot of dedication and love for the proper sound and experience.




Ivan Nikita Dujin

Ivan Nikita Dujin a co-founder of Tendance Music.

The guy behind all the action, from mastering to mixing sets for Tendance Music.

Part of so many genres and projects with so much musical intel that gives him credit to be listed without his main project.

Part of Indub Sequence (psychedelic trance);
Bionic Delay (psychedelic trance);
Sounds of The Polyp (alternative experimental landscapes);

MIMD (Experimental electronic) and a bunch of pop, rock bands and punk bands. He studied Audio & Video technologies which he succesfully passed where he met his companion on this journey Bosko. They made Tendance Music from scratch to fully functioning and operating project so they are now like brothers.

You never know from Nikita what is next.
Psychedelic trance in his dna but dont get carried by the idea of him doing just one genre. Experimenting is always in his mind so stay near and follow his work.