Friday, 15 December 2017


Invisible Landscape Vol 1

What we perceive is not who we are. We are the technology of the higher order, a genuine frequency form that makes us so perfect. Human being in its full power. Tendance Music is proud to present our first Various Artists compilation, gathered with a lot of dedication and love for the proper sound and experience.





Doruk - Hyperdimensional Symphony

L&G we present you Doruk - Hyperdimensional Symphony.

Old school soundings, sharp basslines, forgotten synths combined with powerfull transitions.

Emotion that will last for sure, just the way we like it.

Every melodie is representing a brainwave.

This day, we oscilate on Doruk frequencies.

Welcome to Hyperdimensional Symphony, explore the realms, give your energy to the music and never stop sharing love and light.

Become one with the notes, challenge science and the laws of nature and believe, because after all we are symphony as well.




Solar X - The Source | 6.99 $