Friday, 15 December 2017


Invisible Landscape Vol 1

What we perceive is not who we are. We are the technology of the higher order, a genuine frequency form that makes us so perfect. Human being in its full power. Tendance Music is proud to present our first Various Artists compilation, gathered with a lot of dedication and love for the proper sound and experience.





Sun Source - Twisted Mystery

Once again, moving boundaries of a human perception. Rollin and twisting inside out, the purpose of existance.


Since the day we re born our mind recognition grows, as we experiment looking for the solutions to the mysteries that we re given by birth. That day will come, the day when we will reach God.

The day when we will find out how exactly the mystery of our existance is actualy twisted.  Say hello, a very warm welcome to our twisted brother who comes out with this art of a kind. Sun Source - Twisted Mystery Ep, coming out on Tendance Music will point you on a direction  made of frequency that will melt every superficiall look on this world ever created by mass media.


Sun Source - Twisted Mystery | 3.99 $